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Intracellular membrane - disruption and particle size reduction obtained in 30-60 seconds.

Isoenzymes - are selectively activated with respect to time and intensity of treatment.






Kidney - 1 gm disrupts in 3 minutes.

Kidney stones - easliy broken in seconds in vitro.

Klebsiella - excellent disruption.



Lactobacillus - 0.5 gm in 15 ml, complete disruption in 11 minutes. Excellent release of acetokinase.

L. arabinosis - complete disruption to free virus in 2 minutes without injury.

Leuconostoc mesenteriodes - ultrasonic treatment in 15 minutes using high power fir disruption.Leukocyte lysozme activity in myelocytic leukemia - the cell suspension was sonicated and samples assayed for lysozyme activity. The lysozyme concentration of the leukocytes ug./10 cells were determined.

Linoleic acid - made suspension in water in 30 seconds.

Liped vesicles - excellent results preparing small, unilamellar phospholipid vesicles with Cup Horn attachment, as well as by direct probe sonication.

Liver tissue - 1 gm homogenizes in less than 1 minute.

Lung tissue - 1 gm homogenizes in 2 minutes.

Lymphacytis - complete disruption in 15 seconds.

Lymphocyte nuclei - complete disruption in 6 minutes.

Lymphography - direct injection lymphography with a modified radiopaque emulsion was obtained by sonication in a functional procedure producing lymphatic structure detail.

Lysosomes - released enzymes quickly.



Malaria protozoa - excellent disruption quickly.

Maple bark spores - complete disruption in 14 minutes.

Measles - disruption of virus (measles) antigen clumps present in infected cells on low power. Sonication increased antigen titer 4-8 fold.

Methanobacillus omelianskii - complete disruption for assaying methane. 1 gm cells wet wt/ml of 0.5M, in 2 minutes.

Microbacterium lacticum - ultrasonic treatment used for malate dehydrogenase extraction.

Micrococci - complete disruption in 15 minutes, 13 ml solution.

Micrococcus lactiliticus - 75 ml of a 20% suspension was disrupted in 15 minutes. A good yield of the enzyme Xanthine dehydrogenase was extracted.

Mineral rock - excellent for cleaning surfaces between polishing stages.

Mitochondria - separates from cells without injury. Mitochondria themselves can be broken with longer sonication. Inner membrane sub units also isolated.

Muscle tissue - 1 gm homogenized in 4 minutes.; heart muscle 6 minutes.

Mycobacteria - 20 ml growing media completely disrupts in 14 minutes. Breaks clumps quickly. An immunological compound prepared.

Mycoplasma antibody - a suspension of Campo-W cells treated for 5 minutes gave 12 lines with the sera in a gel diffusion test. The extract was estimated to contain 12.75 mg protein per ml by Blaret reaction.

Myeloma tumor cells - Complete disruption in 10 minutes. 30% disruption in 2 minutes.

Myleran - made colloidal suspension and dissolved in approximately 1 minute.



Naegleri gruberi - this free-living soil amoeba was sonicated to release subcellular infectious material.

N. crassa - nuclease was isolated and purified from conidial extracts after 5 minute treatment.

Neurospora - 40 ml, 4 minute produces more protein than freeze thawing for study of enzymatic synthesis of cystathionine.

Nocardia Ostenodes - breaks clumps and disrupts in less than 10 minutes.

Nucleoprotein - extracted from tissue. May be degraded selectively.



Oil and water emulsions - permanent, stable emulsions in a few seconds. Particle size reduced to less than 1/2 micron (each case slightly different). Oil in water-water in oil phases can be obtained in same vessel. Continuous flow process is available.

Oyster shell - small clean hole can be drilled with microtip in 3 minutes. No cracking is produced.



Paracolon - excellent disruption.

Parasites - easily separated from red cells in a few seconds.

Pasteurella pestis - complete disruption in 30 minutes of 20 ml using high power.

Penicillium - complete disruption in 3 minutes.

Pesticides - ultrasonic treatment resulted in a 16 fold improvement in the potency of the antigen used with Microcrystalline cellulose as a thin-layer absorbent for chromatographic separation.

Phosphatidate phosphohydrolase - the most potent inhibitors for this enzyme were obtained by making five dispersions with the Sonic Dismembrator.

Phospholipid micelles - produced stable preparations for an indefinite period.

Plant cells - 30% packed plant cells (W/V) and distilled water (depending on type) can be completely disrupted in 15 minutes.

Platelets - complete disruption according to size from 20 seconds to 4 minutes.

Pneumococci - preserved in formalin for several years; complete disruption in 6 minutes.

Polio virus - excellent disruption of this most difficult virus.

Powders - are broken down to a small, relatively uniformparticle size.

PPLO - complete disruption in 2 minutes.

Propionobacteria - releases sulfhydro groups intact 70 ml of 20% suspension processed in 10 minutes.

Propionibacterium Shermanii - 2 minutes for extraction of citrate synthose.

Proteus - excellent disruption.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa - rapid, complete disruption.

Pseudomonas fluorescens - 2 gm wet wt in 10 ml, complete disruption in 1 minute.

Pulmonary cytodiagnosis - the mucus in sputum can be evenly dispersed affording a quick representative sample of cells of cytologic examination. Cells are liberated from the mucus of sputum that has been immersed in 50% alcohol or fixative.






Ragweed pollen - 15 ml solution completely disrupts in 11 minutes.

Rat bone - 1/2 gm disrupts in 4 minutes.

Rat liver - complete disruption in 3 minutes.

Rat liver mitochondria - ultrasonic treatment has been used extensively for the varied research performed on this material. Disruption time is a matter of seconds.

Rat skin - complete disruption 1 gm in 4 minutes.

Red cell - sonicating breaks particle size to 100 Angstroms. Complete disruption in 1 minute. 25 gms/100ml, saline or plasma, sample treated 15 seconds, 35% disruption. Adenosine triphosphate was shown to be membrane bound by this method.

Reovirus - dissociates cell-bound and aggregated virus. Maximum titer with 4 ml of virus was achieved in 2 minutes.

Retinal outer segments - sonicating breaks particles down to almost molecular size.

Rhodopseudomonis palustris - complete disruption in 4 minutes.

Rhodospirillum rubrum - excellent disruption in a few seconds.

Rimosus - monocellular elements from surface-grown colonies obtained in 1 minute. Complete disruption in 5 minutes. 50% disruption in 2 minutes.

RNA - rapid and throrough re-suspension of 9 PCA pellets during extractions.>

Rocks - excellent for disaggregation of sedimentary rock. Excellent for cleaning material rock surfaces between polishing stages.



Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker’s yeast) - 9 gm pressed yeast in 18 ml buffer; complete disruption in 8 minutes. Protein release 52 mg/ml from an aged sample.

Saliva glands - complete disruption.

Salmonella - various culture media or phosphate buffered saline disintegrated between 40 and 50% in 10-20 minutes. Sonicating was one step in an improved assay for enzyme thiogalactosize transacetylase.

Salmonella typhimurium and enteritidis - bacteria were suspended in 1/300 volume of original culture, sonicated for 4 minutes and centrifuged for 20 minutes at 20,000 g. Extracts were found to catalyze the synthesis of cytidine diphosphate 3, 6-dideozyhexoses.

Schistosoma mansoni - complete disruption.

Sedimentary rock - completely disperses flocs with the release of all bound silt and clay particles.

Sediments - Sonicating readily disperses fine material allowing a quick, neat separation of the sand from silt and clay fractions.

Serial number restoration - used in crime laboratories to restore obliterated serial numbers.

Serratia marcescens - complete breakdown in 1 minute for a 12 ml concentrated solution.

Serum - quickly homogenized.

Serum cholinesterase - activated by ultrasonic treatment. Different cholinesterase isoenzymes may be activated selectively and inactivated selectively.

S. faecalis - excellent disruption in 1 minute.

S. fragilis - 5 minute yielded excellent release of galactokinase; much more than any other methos. Sub cellular particles may be extracted or disrupted.

Shale - excellent disaggregation of all fine grained sedimentary rocks.

Shellfish - by drilling a clean hole with the microtip, various fluids or samples may be withdrawn or injected from living shellfish without destroying the animal.

Shigella - quick disruption.

Skin - 1 gm disrupts in about 4 minutes. Epidermal homogenates can be extracted that are able to respire and utilize substrate.

Soil - separates solid particles without the use of oxidents, acids orpeptizing agents and yields stable suspension.

Sperm (human) - tails are broken instantly, heads are broken in 20 minutes.

Sputum - Cancer cells are more easliy detected after ultrasonic treatment due to even dispersion of cells and sputum, and complete liberation of the cells from sputum.

Staphylococcus - concentrated solution, 15 ml, 98% disruption in 10 minutes. With 1 gm cells wet wt, to 2 gm water, 54.5 mg/ml of protein was released.

Starch - obtained by extracting from green plant leaf homogenate.

Streptococcus, Group A - 20% suspension in 15 ml solution completely disrupts in 15 minutes.

Streptomyces - monocellular elements from surface-grown colonies obtained in 1 minute. 50% disruption in 2 minutes. Complete disruption in 5 minutes.

Sub cellular particles - may be separated or broken depending upon power selection aand length of time.

Sulfanilamide - excellent disperion in less than 1 minute. Continues sonication will prroduce complete disruption.

Sulfapyridine - excellent dispersion in less than 1 minute. Continued sonication will produce complete disruption.

Synovial fluid - sonicating is an excellent means of reducing fluid viscosity. The ultrasonic method is both simpler and faster than using hyaluronidase.


Ultrasonic Homogenizers
Sometimes referred to as, Sonicator, Cell Disruptor or Cell Disrupter, Probe Sonicator, Ulrasonicator, Sonifier®, Sonic Dismembrator, and Ultrasonic Liquid Processor.

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Our Ultrasonic Homogenizer product line is being expanded to include thermo-conductive tube pods. KoldPods are available for 1.5ml Micro Tubes, 15ml and 50ml Conical tubes, and will decrease thermal variability with conventional temperature sources.

Ultrasonic Homogenizers are also referred to as Sonicators, Cell Disruptors, Probe Sonicators, Sonifiers®, and Sonic Dismembrators

Sonifier is a registered trademark of Branson Ultrasonics Corporation

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